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Application Development

Time to take your business to the next stage with a mobile application?


App design accounts for the steps between your idea and the actual development of your new app.

From research to prototype, and everything in between, the app design process brings the look and feel of your project to life. Incorporating UX, UI, user journeys and personas, it’s much more than the visual elements. It’s also about research into the users who will eventually be using your app, how they will use it and what they will be using it for. We do this so that we ensure we create an app which has the best end user experience.

The app design process is, of course, also about the actual design; wireframes followed by visual language, branded elements and resulting in a prototype.

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Multi-Platform App Development

A brilliant app has the potential to bring the whole world to your door no matter where you are located. At Developr, we want to lead the way with mobile app development; pushing the boundaries and tackling the newest challenges, such as AI, machine learning and VR.

Most app development projects fall into two categories: apps to support a business, and apps that are a business.

Supporting an established business with an app could be to increase engagement with a brand, for example a loyalty scheme or a native app to make it easier to sell your products. Whereas, an app that is the business could be a new idea to make people’s life easier, a new game or the next breakthrough idea.

IOS Development

The platform of choice for the biggest percentage of app users, your app on the App Store is a showcase for your business and puts your brand in the pockets of many users.

Android Development

The most popular platform overall, these apps are optimised for the many Android devices on the market, and could reach a massive audience.

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